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TyTy's Foundation 


Tytys Foundation formaly Known as Sprirtual Eyes Inc. was founded back in 2009. Our focal point and purpose at the time was feeding the homeless. Through the years we have worked with several organizations including the Miami Rescue Mission and the Jubilee Center just to name a few.We now have a platform and the knowledge we need to become a orginization of our own and are currently in the process of recieving our 501 3c. Our ultimate goal is to feed those in need of food, provide social services, and provide jobs for our community. We also plan to work with local students to provide community hours.


We have some big things planned for our community providing much needed services. With Violence at an all time high and the uncertainty of our goverment funded programs the time for change is now! We are honored to have the privilage of working with our local churches, business owners and charities with the same common goals. We look forward to this epic movement and the potential it has to make a change in our communities.

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